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Dive New Zealand / Dive Pacific August / September 2011 issue 125

Recreational Drugs, Earning a Living from Diving, Keermadecs, PNG, Exmouth Navy Pier ....


GANNET ISLAND is the tip of an extinct volcano off New Zealand's wild west coast. It makes for a very interesting spot in calm weather.

KERMADECS One of New Zealand's most important   marine habitats. It's been bandied   around that National Geographic listed them as one of the last pristine areas in the world.

EXMOUTH NAVY PIER The most famous dive site at Australia's  Exmouth is not on Nigaloo Reef, but is  a shore dive under a small jetty.

ICE FREEDIVING Tied by a life line, we descended through an ice hole to photograph the mermaids.

REGULATOR REVIEW When it comes to purchasing your scuba regulator, many things have to be taken into consideration.

RECREATIONAL DRUGS Their use in the diving community - a topic for debate?

LINDENHAFEN AFFAIR Lindenhafen had the siren's allure so we were off to check it out after our Milne Bay (PNG) dives.

WANT TO EARN A LIVING FROM DIVING? Equipment has come a long way since the 1940s with more folk from wider demographics becoming involved in underwater activities.

ENCLOSED SPACE DIVING A tight squeeze! There is a small team of divers who go to work in complete darkness deep inside the flooded compartments of a nuclear TEC REC When one tank isn't enough. An interview with Terry Cummins, PADI.

23 EXCELLENT REASONS to go diving.

OCTOPUS The ultimate soft machine.

WONDERLAND MIRACLES The underwater world through the eyes of a child.




SPEARFISHING: Mercury Bay Results; weights and weightbelts for spearfishers

FILLETING FISH the easy way


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