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Dive New Zealand / Dive Pacific April / May 2011 issue 123

40 page travel feature with 17 destinations.


Mokohinau Islands (New Zealand): Rarely visited but some of the best diving in New Zealand.
Kayak Diving the F69 Purpose sunk wreck dive.
The Great Barrier Reef (Australia) is still magical.
Secrets of Australia (Lord Howe Island): A most picturesque and beautiful of islands.
East Borneo Our boys trip had excellent diving!
Madeira Diving around a rugged volcanic island.
Santo Alternatives Wrecks and adventure.
Port au Prince Massacre and treasure in Tonga.
Tawali The Cindy Crawford of dive sites in PNG.
Sipadan, Malaysia Festival of marine life.
Malaysia - Truly Asia Dave Moran investigates.
Snare Islands 100 km south of New Zealand.
New Caledonia A diving Mecca.
Samar The next best thing to cave diving (Philippines).
Upolu, Samoa A warm and inviting place to relax.
Rebreathers/Navigation The latest from the Royal Navy.

Dive Tables & Computers Limits are not targets.
Niue Eyeball to eyeball interactions.
History Repeats Aqaba 20 years later (Jordan).
Scuba Cylinders as Lethal Weapons.
The Risks of Oxygen at Increased Depths
How Much Post-Dive Activity is Too Much?
Incident Insights - Hyperbaric Chamber.
A Familiar Racket Helps Fish Find Home.
Obituary: Agnes (Ag) Mikowka.
Fishing from a Cruise Liner.
Taupo Catfish Culling.

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