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Dive New Zealand / Dive Pacific magazine August/September 2009 issue 113


Underwater Cultural Heritage - Debating the issues.
There's Nothing Doubtful About the Diving -  Most thought we were 'a bit mad' but I just smiled, knowing what would be awaiting us at Doubtful Sound.
Diving New Zealand's Outpost - When the swells and wind from the north turn the coast into a maelstrom, a protected, clear oceanic haven awaits.
The Boys With the BANG!  - For a career at the sharp end, it's hard to beat the Royal Navy's bomb disposal teams.
Mucking About in Lembeh Strait - Regarded as one of the very best places for seeing the more bizzare, rare and hard to find marine critters.
South Australia's Port Lincoln - Shark and tuna tales.
Do Fish Dream? - If we define sleep as a state of resting with an altered state of consciousness then it is  pretty clear that at least some fish sleep. But do they dream?
Open Ocean Dive - I have never accidentally dropped my camera but I found myself clutching it fiercely knowing that if I did let it go, it would be gone forever.
Sea Hares - Galore in New Zealand.
Bailing Out! Yes But How? - Bailing out to open circuit is like falling in the snow when you learn skiing. It's a solution when facing a problem, not always the  most elegant.
Pioneer - David Brent.
Never Surrender - Diving the T29 German Torpedo Boat 64 years after the battle.
In-Water Rescue Breathing - Is it worthwhile?
Spearos Aren't That Bad - No other way of taking fish is as environmentally friendly as spearfishing.
Care and Maintenance - Cameras and Accessories.
Good Things About Bad Visibilty - Great excuses.

Regular Features include: Fishing (Bruce Duncan); Digital Imaging (Hans Weichselbaum), Diving the Web (Phil Bendle), Niue, Recipe, Training, Products...

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