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Learning to Spearfish Niue

Learning to Spearfish Niue

By Clarke Gayford No one in Niue could recall anyone trying to spearfish in January, but here I was on holiday, and I simply couldn’t resist. Niue’s a strange anomaly of sorts, being a single coral atoll literally all-alone inside an ocean triangle created by the corners …

A Rare Treasure

A Rare Treasure

By Walt Stearns Wakatobi Dive Resort offers an unforgettable blend of pristine reefs, plentiful sea life and luxurious accommodations It was easy to see how the dive site known as Blade earned its name. A parallel line of narrow seamounts rose from the depths, connected by …

SS Ventnor – New Zealand’s deepest dived shipwreck

SS Ventnor – New Zealand’s deepest dived shipwreck

By Keith Gordon & Dave Moran As the last incantations of the Maori karakia carried across the ocean swell the ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) was launched into the depths. It was an occasion that demanded this cultural respect, to honour the ghosts of those whose remains …

Editorial by Dave Moran

Astrolabe reef after the MV RENA

The Rena slammed into the reef on the 5th October 2011. That’s over three and a half years ago! During that time, there has been a lot of human activity on the wreck site. The removal of sections of the ship and its cargo has been a huge job. One activity that has not been happening on Astrolabe reef in the Bay of Plenty NZ, is commercial fishing/crayfish, recreational fishing and spearfishing. The reef has …

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Diver views a barrel sponge and crinoid, Wakatobi – Photo by Walt Stearns

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