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Boat Tests

The Rayglass Legend 2800

Tony Hembrow the CEO of Rayglass and his team listen to their customers. They take on board feedback from existing customers and their suggestions are all considered when the Rayglass R & D team get around the design table. more

Rigid Inflatable Boats

Last issue I looked at the advantages of a small inflatable which could be put out of sight at home in a cupboard and yet easily transported to the water in the boot of the car. This issue I thought we would take a look at what its big brothers have to offer and their advantages for divers.


Stabi-Craft 559 Fish'r

For Paul Adams it must seem like light years ago when in 1987 he and his then partner Kevin McDonald developed their first aluminium pontoon boat at the request of some local paua divers. They wanted a work boat that could take the punishment of the southern ocean, be virtually indestructible, unsinkable and they didn’t care how she looked - typical South Island blokes!


Marco 570 Hunter - Value for money

Driving a centre console alloy boat on a cold choppy Whangarei harbour is not what I would normally classify as fun! How wrong can you be! At the end of an hour’s boat test, which was a heap of fun, I was very reluctant to return this well designed Marco 570 Hunter to its trailer. 


Surtees 6.7 metre Sportfisher Hardtop

Innovation and credibility! Boy this guy was enthusiastic to meet us. He was bouncing all over the place, ‘look at this – look at that – this works like this – cool eh?’


Lazercraft 740 Sportman Hardtop

Lazercraft 740 Sportman Hardtop
successfully building boats for commercial operators working out of Dunedin, Bluff and Stewart Island.
Their main prerequisites: strength, a good ride and durability – they got all of these.

Boat test - No limits design

Have you ever been out with a bunch of hard core spearos in a five metre plus something made out of whatever they could afford with the biggest motor that could hang off the back without ripping the boat apart? When the seas are big and the swell on the home bar is too frightening to contemplate and, for that matter, not worth worrying about because you might never make it to the bar entrance anyway? more



Boat test - SENTOR RH 620

I’m sure every boatie would prefer the comfort and protection that a hard top offers compared to an open boat. For its length the RH 620 has a very spacious hard top area that could easily shelter four to five people standing in the cockpit area. more

A millennium of difference - the Quintrex 600 offshore

A millennium of difference - the Quintrex 600 offshore more

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