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August/September, 2014 Issue #143

Adventure Tourism Safety Audits.

Government and Auditors’ magnifying glass on the Diving Industr yDeadline to comply 1st November 2014. In my editorial of August/September 2013 I flagged the Government directive that scuba diving was classed as an Adventure Activity and as such fell into the seemingly confusing disarray of Government departments that all seem to want to have their say as to how they think ‘things’ should be run in your business!
A few that come to mind: WorkSafe; Ministry of Business Innovation & Business (MBIE previously OHS); Maritime Operator Safety Systems (MOSS); Maritime Safety Authority (MSA); Department of Labour. Plus regulations such as:  Health and Safety in Employment (Adventure Activities) Regulations 2011.

Technical diving guru Lamar Hires visits New Zealand. Interview by Dave Moran

Over a weekend in May on the shores of New Zealand’s Lake Taupo the second TecFestNZ conference and workshops were held (see June/July issue #142). The keynote speaker was Lamar Hires whose company, Dive Rite, is world renowned for its contribution to the development of technical diving equipment and training. I had the opportunity to interview Lamar about his thoughts on diving equipment and the birth of technical cave diving in the springs of Florida USA.

Bare Facts about Ice Diving

or how not to go ice diving. by Jeff Bozanic.
I  had been down on the ice for three months. That already seemed like a long time, and a few of my already loose screws were getting even looser. But I was in good company. After a couple of months, everyone starts going a little stir crazy.
Oh… ‘the ice’ means Antarctica. I was serving as the Dive Locker Technician, about halfway through my second season there. My duties were to keep equipment operational for the scientists diving there, check out the new incoming scientific divers and orient them to dive operations in the US Antarctic Programme, and participate in scientific dives as needed. I also was allowed to conduct some of my own (legitimate) research. This experience did not qualify…ouch!

Also in this issue:

Ulva Island, New Zealand There was something mysticalabout the kelp forests.
Hope Point, Poor Knights A thousand fish moved in unison, and then reformed as a single mass.
Narcosis How narcosis affects memory and thought processing.
HMNZS Moa The sub killer.
Illuminating the President Coolidge On the night dive staying together was easy, the phophorescence was like a trail of fairy dust.
What do you do when it fills up with water?
Technical diving Interview with Dive Rite founder Lamar Hires.
Bare facts of ice diving Don’t try this at home!
Deep Breath The shallows have so much to offer a photographer.
North Komodo Indonesia’s richest realm.
Are some male divers too helpful? and how should female divers handle them?
Matiu / Somes Island Educating children in the Natural world (Wellington).
There are Dives and there are Dives. The trigger and the disabling agent.
How narcosis affects memory and thought processing
Incident Insights: Accident Report
Digital Imaging: Repetitive tasks
SEAFANZ Shades of Colour Photographic competition and results
Niue Caves, Caverns, Crays
Diving the Web  This issue's selection
Training Disabled Diving; RAID launched in NZ & Australia
Team Taniwha Submarine racing results

this month's editorial - by dave moran

Changes Times for the Dive Industry and Divers
Most New Zealand divers don’t care that much about all the legal requirements a dive shop business must adhere to nor the costs involved. As long as they can get their scuba cylinders filled and buy gear they are happy!
Since 2011 the clock has been ticking towards a 1 November 2014 deadline for businesses involved in Adventure Actives.


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